Story by Sameer Chhabra
Photo by Growing Chefs!

“Food is the great unifier…”

Family meals are integral to Andrew Fleet. They’re the reason why he started Growing Chefs—a London-based charity that works to teach healthy-eating and healthy-cooking habits to children.

Fleet believes that health issues in early childhood stem from two possible sources: A lack of exercise and an improper diet.

“Not getting enough exercise is something that’s a little bit easier to work on, because kids get physical activity or gym class in schools,” says Fleet. “Really all you need to get kids active is to create a game outside and then get them running around…getting them up off the couch.”

As for poor eating habits, Fleet suggests that the solution begins at the dining room table.

The Growing Chefs organization aims to bring families closer together, and to bring back the tradition of family cooking that Fleet feels is missing from today’s communities.

As Fleet explains, eating food shouldn’t just be a quick process that people do on their way to school or work.

Instead, Fleet wants to help families reconnect and share in what he describes as the unifying power of food.

“[Food] is the thing that makes everybody stop or slow down and just be in the moment and talk to each other,” says Fleet. “And when we’ve taken that away, especially here in North America where our lives are getting faster and busier…family unit is something that [is] lost along the way.”