Story and photo by Melinda Theriault

“A scene can be a pretty extreme experience for a lot of people.”

For some Londoners, food is more than just a culinary experience, it’s a way of life. Take Steve, a member of London’s fetish and kink community.

Steve, who goes by Shrek1985 on—a website designed to facilitate interactions between those who engage in kink sex—explains that in the kink community, a sexual interaction is called a “Scene.”

“The scene,” Steve says, is a “fancy name for getting together with someone and having a good time.”

He uses food for healing and intimacy after sex.

When he first started out, Steve experienced what he calls “Drop” after sex.

“After I’d had someone over for a scene,” he says, “I’d usually feel drained and depressed afterwards.”

After learning more about kink, Steve realized that providing aftercare for someone else would leave him feeling more complete.

“Food was a huge part of that for me,” says Steve.

For Steve, feeding the other person—whether it is minutes or days after—can help both parties feel valued.